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Caption Competition - January 2015

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Photo © Copyright 2015 Beryl Ladd
Judges Choice

"Mum!  I don't think so." - Janet Johnson

Runners Up

"They need 24 of me to make a pie so how many of you are needed" - John Dye

"Who're you calling Baldy?" - Sandra Taylor

"Seeing your tag, I deduce that the Pigeon Detectives caught you" - Julian near Norwich

"Sorry - I can't help you as well, as you can see from my bands I'm already supporting two charities." - Deryn H.

Don’t look scared I don’t bite - only peck! - Alan K.

"You fly for days and when you get here the Great Wall of China is a big let down" - Simon D.

"That's mine mate, I need it more than you! - Clifford P.

"No ! - I am not a kerb crawler!" - Peter Dewey

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