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Caption Competition - February 2015

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Photo © Copyright 2015 G. Bradley
Judges Choice

"That's the last time l'm using a facial peel product" - Ann Greenizan

Runners Up

"Give me a top hat and a cigar and I'll do my Churchill impression." - Heather Webber

"Here's looking at you kid."- Jane Foxon

You looking at me?!! - Thalia

"Don't go on about wildlife crime - I'm a reformed character, me. Honest." - Julian near Norwich

"Wadda mean Smile! I am Smiling!" - Peter Dewey

"Now tell me Mr Prescott, who threw the first punch?" - Tony Chippendale

"Go ahead fly, make my day" - Bea Loots

"You gotta trust me, I'm prince, I swear." - Richard S.

"It wasn't me guv!" - Clifford Powell

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