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Caption Competition - March 2015

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Photo © Copyright 2015 Elizabeth Close
Judges Choice

"My chicken fillets have slipped again again" - Ann Greenizan

Runners Up

"Ooh Matron, take them away, take them away" - {:o{D}ave

"Ooouch, every year I say no more kids" - Deryn Hawkins

"Me? Nuts? Don't know nothing about nuts!" - Richard Scott

"Who me? I'm innocent" - Janet J.

"Ooh !! Why did I eat those prunes!!" - Clifford Powell

Elusive Squirrel Flasher about to strike - Steve King

"After hearing that ill fitting bras were bad for the health, she decided not to take the chance." - Elizabeth Stanley

"He was quite simply nuts about Jonny Wilkinson" - Julian near Norwich

"SuperSquirrel at the rescue!" - Gemma C

"Little ME, I wouldn't dream of stealing your bird food." - M. Glencross

"Ouch" my Stomach hurts, is it Labour pains or the Tory runs?" - Heather W.

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