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Caption Competition - April 2015

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Photo © Copyright 2015 Dave Chojna
Judges Choice

"That's the last time I go to that hairdresser" - Angela O.

Runners Up

Shock hair loss for Robin on hearing election results - Elizabeth Butler

"Who's a pretty boy then? Not me for sure" - John Dye

"Mirror mirror on the wall..." - Janet Johnson

"Look, it's only for the pantomime season, OK?" - Neil J.

Breaking news new Vulture breed found - Thalia

"Where's Gok Wan when you need him?" - Carole Lydon

"No I'm not a bald Eagle, I'm just a Robin who wants a scarf." - M. Glencross.

"Cat got your tongue as well?" - Julian near Norwich

"I wish they would give me time to dress!" -Clifford P.

"I've removed my headdress as my head really hurts after last nights party." - Heather W.

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