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Caption Competition - June 2015

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Photo © Copyright 2015 Richard Harris
Judges Choice

"I think my gastric band has failed" - Ann G.

Runners Up

"One minute I was in Bermuda, the next here!" - Tony C.

It makes a change from a stag's head on the wall! - Sandra Taylor

Out-take emerges from Play School, showing that going 'through the round window' was problematic at times. - Julian near Norwich

George was very much regretting last nights all you can eat mealworm party... - Stuart White

"Help... I'm stuck!  I knew shouldn't have had that last caterpillar" - Deryn H.

"So this is the big wide world everyone is on about" - John Jones

"Beach body ready? I can barely fit through the front door!" - Maggot

Oh no I'm stuck, I knew I shouldn't have ate all those peanuts! - Moggie Coyne

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