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Moth How to Prevent Clothes Moth Damage

The majority of moths found in houses do absolutely no damage at all. Often they have just became trapped indoors after being attracted to a bright light source.

You can easily distinguish the harmless outdoor moths from the indoor clothes and house moths by turning on a light. If they are attracted to it they are most likely outdoor moths. House and clothes moths do not fly to light. When disturbed they usually just scuttle away.

1. Avoid storing clothes in the loft. This is where most house and clothes moths first enter a building. Old fashioned felt pipe lagging used to be a favourite food in this part of the house. Modern lagging materials are moth-proof.

2. Where clothing needs to be stored, place anti-moth products in drawers/cupboards, or seal the clothing inside plastic bags.

3. Regularly vacuum woolen carpets and rugs, and wash clothing and curtains to reduce the risk of any damage.

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