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Divers at Caernarfon Bay

5th February 2010

Great Northern Divers are monitored each year by Gwynedd Council, and recently they've spotted over 50 of them in Caernarfon Bay.  The shallow water in the bay is ideal for these birds, allowing them to catch small fish and crabs.

The Divers spend the summer months nesting in lakes in northern Canada, Greenland and Iceland.  They come to the UK each year for the milder winter weather.  Although they are rarely seen in numbers away from Scotlandís isles and west coast, increasing numbers are being spotted off the North Wales coast.

Rhys Jones, Gwynedd Council Senior Biodiversity Officer is holding a bird watching event on Tuesday 16 February 2010, at 10:30 a.m.  If you'd like to participate please contact Rhys Jones at

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