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New Dormouse Trap Works a Treat!
Posted: 6th October 2006

Photo: Marion Ray/BTO

Despite its name, the Common Dormouse is a scarce and localised species. This unfortunate individual, which got itself trapped in a bird feeder while feeding on peanuts was found by Mrs. Marion Ray in her Petersfield garden.

It was taken complete with feeder to the local vet where it was freed. The tiny creature was then taken back to where it was found and released in a quiet overgrown part of the garden. Mrs. Ray said; "The feeder has a cage around it to keep the squirrels off, but this obviously doesn’t work with dormice."

The incident was reported to the BTO/CJ Garden BirdWatch, which is mainly concerned with counts of garden birds, but many participants report on other types of wildlife seen in their gardens. To find out more about the BTO/CJ Garden BirdWatch, call 01842 750050 or write to: GBW, Room 44, The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2PU.

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