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beetle Flower Beetles

Photo: Flower Beetle droppings

Latin name:  Oedemera nobilis

Size:  Approx 10mm long

Distribution:  Found throughout the U.K. especially in the south

Months seen:  April to September

Habitat:  Gardens, hedgerows, woodland rides, waste ground

Food:  Pollen

Special features:  Flower beetles get their name from the fact they're usually spotted on flowers in spring and summer feeding on pollen.  They're also sometimes called 'Fat-legged beetles' or 'Thick-legged beetles' on account of their swollen looking hind legs, but it's only the males which have this feature.

Both the males and females are a vivid metallic green colour all over.  They look as if their wing covers (elytra) have shrunk in the wash because they don't quite meet in the middle

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