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Glow-Worm Glow-Worm Sightings 2002

Note - To avoid any possible disturbance to the glow-worms, the exact locations have not been published.

Location: Between Wimborne and Blandford Forum, Dorset.
Number seen: 200 plus
Spotted by: Rob Bull
Date: 04/07/02 (about 10.30pm)

Location: South Harding, West Sussex
Number seen: 2 females
Spotted by: JLT Byrne
Date: 13/07/02

Location: Newton Abbot, Devon
Number seen: 1
Spotted by: Rebecca Armitage
Date: 19/07/02

Location: Bantham, South Devon
Number seen: 2
Spotted by: Rebecca Armitage
Date: 19/07/02

Location: Cheltenham, Glos.
Number seen: 1
Spotted by: J.F. Jones
Date: 12/08/02

Location: Worth Matravers in Dorset
Number seen: 3
Spotted by: M. Goodacre
Date: 14/08/02

Location: Between Bourne End and Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead.
Number seen: 1
Spotted by: Lynne Bateman
Date: 15/08/02

Location: Horsham, West Sussex
Number seen: 9
Spotted by: K. C. Morrison
Date: 18/07/02

Location: Porton, Wiltshire
Number seen: 1
Spotted by: C. Harman
Date: 18/08/02

Location: Keinton Mandeville near Somerton, Somerset.
Number seen: 12
Spotted by: Hugh Lacock 
Date: 18/08/02

Location: Near Glastonbury, Somerset.
Number seen: 2
Spotted by: John Stevens
Date: 25/08/02

Location: Widney Manor and Dorrige Stations, West Midlands.
Number seen: Loads!
Spotted by: JmRwly
Date: 21/07/02

Location: Bearwood College, Near Wokingham, Berkshire.
Number seen: 25 plus
Spotted by: Malcolm Cheeseman
Date: 06/08/02

Location: Shapwick Nature Reserve, Somerset.
Number seen: In abundance!
Spotted by: Animalman
Date: 02/08/02

Location: Chilworth nearGuildford
Number seen: 6 larvae 
Spotted by: Will Thorp
Date: 03/10/02

Location: Monkswood, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.
Number seen: 2
Spotted by: Richard Bacon
Date: ?/06/02

Location: North Trigon, Wareham Forest Dorset
Number seen: 1
Spotted by: Ella and Will Hutchins
Date: 19/07/02

Location: Fordingbridge, Hampshire.
Number seen: 1
Spotted by: Barbara Homes
Date: 20/07/02

Location: Sheffield Lock, Theale, Berkshire.
Number seen: 45
Spotted by: Chris Larkin
Date: 12/07/02

Location: Breamore miz-maze, near Fordingbridge, Hampshire.
Number seen: Quite a few
Spotted by: Julie Bennett 
Date: 02/08/02

Location: Llangafelach, Swansea, South Wales.
Number seen: 60
Spotted by: Claire
Date: 17/07/02

Location: Gower, South Wales.
Number seen: Loads!
Spotted by: Claire
Date: 20/07/02

Location: Mottisfont, Hampshire.
Number seen: 1
Spotted by: Clare
Date: 29/07/02

Location: Theale, West Berkshire.
Number seen: 3
Spotted by: Andy Lynam
Date: 17/09/02

Location: Hever, Kent.
Number seen: 20 to 30
Spotted by: Matt Thompson
Date: ?/08/02

Location: S.Hereford near Ross-on-Wye.
Number seen: 1
Spotted by: John Daniels
Date: 13/01/03

Location: Nr. Whitchurch, North Shropshire.
Number seen: 200 to 300 larvae
Spotted by: James Start
Date: ?/09/02

Location: Dallington, Heathfield, East Sussex.
Number seen: 5
Spotted by: Sonia Ray
Date: 26/06/02

Location: Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst, Kent.
Number seen: 4 females, 3 larvae
Spotted by: N. Muller
Date: 14/07/02

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