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Glow-Worm Glow-Worm Sightings 2003

Note - To avoid any possible disturbance to the glow-worms, the exact locations have not been published.

Location: S. Hereford, near Ross-on-Wye
Number seen:
Spotted by: John
Date: 13/1/03

Location: Edenbridge, Kent
Number seen: 12 females
Spotted by: D. Beale
Date: 23/6/03

Mochras (Shell Island)
Number seen: 5 females
Spotted by: Paul Hickson
Date: 29/6/03

Location: Heathfield, East Sussex
Number seen: 3 females
Spotted by: Sonia Ray
Date: 25/6/03

Location: Hever, Kent
Number seen: 20-30 females
Spotted by: Matt Thompson
Date: July 03

Location: Blandford Camp, Dorset
Number seen: 2 females
Spotted by: Alan Kibblewhite
Date: 10/7/03

Location: Upper Bucklebury, Berkshire
Number seen: 8 females
Spotted by: Jane Lilley
Date: 12/7/03

Location: Ventnor, Isle of Wight
Number seen: 8
Spotted by: Pat Cole
Date: 18/7/03

Location: Horsham, West Sussex
Number seen: 5
Spotted by: Ken Morrison
Date: 18/7/03

Location: Lyneham, Wiltshire
Number seen: 9 females
Spotted by: Allison Bucknell
Date: 21/7/0

Location: Gosport, Hampshire
Number seen: 2 females
Spotted by: P. Workman
Date: 3/8/03

Location: Banstead Downs, Surrey
Number seen: 13 females
Spotted by: Susanne Martina
Date: 8/8/03

Location: Lamberhurst, Kent
Number seen: 3 females
Spotted by: N. Muller
Date: 5/8/03

Location: Wareham, Dorset
Number seen: 2 females
Spotted by: Lesley
Date: 7/8/03

Location: Oldbury-on-Severn, Bristol
Number seen: 2 larvae
Spotted by: Fiachra Sides
Date: 9/8/03

Location: Oldbury Power Station, River Severn
Number seen: 14 females
Spotted by: Louise Henley
Date: 6/8/03

Location: Sandford, Weston-Super-Mare
Number seen: Several
Spotted by: Gary Sealey
Date: 16/8/03

Location: Theale, Berkshire
Number seen: 22 females
Spotted by: Chris Larkin
Date: 27/8/03

Location: Hambledon Hill, Dorset
Number seen: 100+
Spotted by: John Allen
Date: 2/8/03

Location: Burgess Hill, West Sussex
Number seen: 1 female
Spotted by: Mrs. Goddard
Date: August 03

Location: Longmoor Common, Surrey
Number seen: 10
Spotted by: Fiona Samuel
Date: 20/6/03

Location: Horley, Surrey
Number seen: 4 females
Spotted by: Janis Barnett
Date: 19/6/03

Location: Llandefalle, Powys
Number seen: 10
Spotted by: Bryant
Date: 17/5/03

Location: Antony, Cornwall
Number seen: 7 females
Spotted by: Kev & Penny Turner
Date: 14/7/03

Location: Chatham, Kent
Number seen: 2 females
Spotted by: Jayne Galton
Date: 25/6/03

Location: Pevensey Rd, East Sussex.
Number seen: 50
Spotted by: Carol Meakin
Date: 6/7/03

Location: Nr. Rangeworthy, S. Glos.
Number seen: 4 females
Spotted by: Helen Pick
Date: 3/8/03

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