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Flower  Ivy

Ivy - Photo  Copyright 2000 Gary Bradley Photo: G. Bradley

Latin name: Hedera Helix

Size: Climbs to a height of around 30m.

Distribution: Found throughout the UK.

Flowering months: September to November.

Habitat: Found mostly in woods and hedgerows.

Special features: The stems of the ivy are covered with tiny hairs which grow into its support enabling the plant to grow higher. The leaves have between three to five pointed lobes.

Click for a better viewThe ivy flowers appear in autumn, providing nectar for wasps and other late flying insects. The flowers are a greenish yellow, and very small, so you have to look closely to notice them.

The stems which carry the flowers tend to grow leaves which are more rounded. The stems without flowers have leaves which are more lobed.

In December the berries start to appear. They are green at first and gradually turn black when ripe. By February these will be the last natural fruits left in the hedgerow for birds to eat.

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