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Inconspicuous Ladybirds


Scientific name:  Clitostethus arcuatus

Size:  Up to 1.5mm

Distribution:  Found mainly in southern counties of England.

Months seen:  May to November

Food:  Whiteflies

Habitat: Glasshouses and sometimes around Ivy.

Special features:  Inconspicuous Ladybirds (Clitostethus arcuatus) vary in colour from light to dark brown.  On the wing casings there is a cream coloured mark resembling an archery bow, which is where this ladybird gets its scientific name "arcuatus".

When viewed under a hand lens, cream coloured hairs are visible all over the wing casings.  The legs and antennae are also cream coloured.

Inconspicuous ladybirds are found mainly in the warmer parts of Southern and Central Europe, but they've been introduced in other parts of the world as a method of pest control.  The larvae and adult ladybirds feed almost exclusively on the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults of whiteflies.

In the U.K. Inconspicuous ladybirds sometimes show up in glasshouses where the warmer temperature is similar to their native habitat.

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