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Mottled Shield Bugs

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Scientific name:  Rhaphigaster nebulosa

Size:  Up to 16mm long

Distribution:  Found mostly in southern England

Months seen:  April to October

Life span:  Up to 2 years

Habitat:  Hedgerows, woodland edges, parks and gardens

Food:  Plant sap of various plants and trees

Special features:  Although they're quite common in mainland Europe Mottled Shield Bugs are a fairly new species to the UK.  They were first recorded in London in 2010.

As the name suggests they have distinct dark brown mottled markings over their body, wings and legs.  The antennae each have two cream coloured bands.

Mottled Shield Bugs are quite clumbsy in flight and they make a loud buzzing sound as they fly.  As a defense mechanism they can release a smelly secretion from their thorax.


If you find a Mottled Shield Bug please take a photo and send it to us in an email telling us where you saw it.

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