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Rare Bird Sightings
February 2005
by Steve Botham

Great Northern Diver - Photo  Copyright 2005 Steve Botham
Photo: Steve Botham

UK Safari Tip:
Need help identifying birds? One of the best field guides is the "Collins Bird Guide" - available through the Amazon bookshop -  click here

This Great Northern Diver was spotted in late February on a small lake near Sleaford in Lincs. This is the largest of the Divers. Winter visitors like this one usually come from Iceland. Finding one of these birds can be tricky as they spend a long time under the surface of the water catching fish.

Heather Millard reported a flock of Waxwings in Sussex, England. The flock numbers 52. On the 21st Feb they were on Woodmans Hill, Broadfield, Crawley, and a few twitchers arrived to take pictures. On 24th Feb they were on the corner of Regents Close, Broadfield. They seem to be centred in and around The Guiness Trust Housing Estate.

More Waxwings were reported in the car park of Sainsbury's at Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England. The berry bushes Sainsbury's plant in their car parks seem to attract these birds like a magnet.

According to "Birding World" magazine, 26,000 Waxwings have been seen in Britain this February, including several flocks of over 500!

The White-Tailed Eagle, which had previously been seen in Norfolk, was spotted in a valley 10 miles S.W. of Mablethorpe on the 27th February. Later in the afternoon it was seen circling Langsett Reservoir in Yorkshire.

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