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Rare Bird Sightings
March 2005
by Steve Botham

Red Kite - Photo  Copyright 2005 Steve Botham
Photo: Steve Botham

UK Safari Tip:
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Twenty nine Red Kites were spotted in and around the Northampton area on 26th March. This one was photographed at Blatherwycke.

Black-Winged Stilt - Photo  Copyright 2005 Steve Botham

This Black Winged Stilt is, or was, a major rarity at one time. It's a Mediterranean species and none were recorded in Britain in 2003 or 2004 except for this one. Birders have nicknamed him Sammy. He turned up 11 years ago in the North and moved down the coast and settled in at Titchwell where he's been present ever since. It's possible he is one of the young that hatched in Norfolk in 1987. Why he has stayed so long is a mystery.

Hybrid Pochard - Photo  Copyright 2005 Steve Botham

This unusual coloured duck was seen in Hartsholme Country park in Lincoln. It's a cross between a male Mallard and a female Red-Crested Pochard.

Shore Lark - Photo  Copyright 2005 Steve Botham

This is one of four Shore Larks seen on Good Friday at Gibralter Point, near Skegness. Also at the site were a few Avocets and three Little Egrets.

Hybrid Hooded Crow - Photo  Copyright 2005 Steve Botham

This hybrid Hooded Crow has been at Boultham Mere, Lincolnshire since August 2004. It's too dark a bird for a pure Hooded Crow and is probably the result of a mating between a carrion crow and a hooded crow.

More Waxwings were spotted at a supermarket car park. This time at Asda's in Lincoln on 26th March.

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