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A Festive Nest for Robin Red Breast
Posted: 18th January 2007

Robin - Photo © Copyright 2007 G. Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

A particularly festive robin has set up home in a Christmas wreath on the door of a London flat.

The determined bird spent several days over the Christmas period collecting material to build its nest and is now sitting on five eggs.

Julie Luckett, who discovered the nest in her wreath just after Christmas, said: "I feel absolutely blessed that she’s decided to nest here, although it was a bit of a surprise!

"I thought it was the wind blowing the leaves into the wreath and was so excited when I discovered the nest. It’s really lifted my spirits!"

Because of laws protecting the nest, Julie is unable to take down her wreath until either the chicks fledge or the nests fails. According to folklore any decoration that hasn’t been
taken down by Twelfth Night needs to remain in place until Easter so Julie could have a long wait on her hands!

Julie said: "The robin is part of the furniture now and I’ve even having my post delivered to my neighbours to prevent disturbing her at this important time."

Farrah Stevens, of the RSPB, added: "Its not that unusual for birds to start nesting around now, particularly taking into consideration the unusually mild weather we’re having, however its usually blackbirds and song thrushes we hear about.

"Big Garden Birdwatch takes place at the end of the month and we’ll be eagerly awaiting the results to find out how this milder weather is affecting our birds and what strange things they’re getting up to!"

To take part in Big Garden Birdwatch all you need to do is spend an hour counting the birds in your garden over 27/28 January. Full details are available on the RSPB website

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