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Stork Spotted over Notts
Posted: 4th September 2006 by Steve Botham

Photo  Copyright 2006 Steve Botham:
Photo: Steve Botham

This White Stork was spotted over Easton, near Retford in Nottinghamshire on 3rd September. Although it's a rare visitor to the UK, storks are frequently seen in Europe where they are noted for building their giant sized nests on roof tops.

Truly wild storks are difficult to differentiate from the many escapees and feral birds in the U.K. Most genuine records seem to be seen and recorded around April-May and again in the Autumn period. This particular stork was ringed in Holland as a Wild bird.

Storks are not really built for crossing large expanses of water. Flapping those large wings requires a lot of energy, so they tend to glide for long distances. Over warm land this is relatively easy, but over cold sea water much more flapping is required. For this reason the majority migrate to tropical Africa, from Europe, along two narrow fronts - the Straits of Gibraltar, and around the coast of Levant. They depart in August and early September. Juveniles often leave the nest area first, but young and adults also migrate together.

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