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Tick Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is an infection caused by the bacterium
'Borrelia burgdorferi'. It can be
transmitted by the bite of
certain species of ticks.

The disease often starts as a
skin rash and can progress to
more serious stages affecting
nerve, joint, or heart tissue.

UK Safari Tip:
You can see all the details on ticks and other tiny creatures with the help of a powerful hand lens - click here

Antibiotics are effective at treating the disease, especially if started early in the disease process.

If you have been bitten by a tick, but successfully removed the tick, there is only a small risk of catching Lyme disease.

Symptoms of Lyme disease can start to appear between 3 and 30 days after the bite. Watch for a red rash around the area of the tick bite. The rash can get bigger and, a pale area may appear in the middle. This can be accompanied by headache and a fever. If this happens contact a doctor immediately.

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