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How to Attract Waxwings to Your Garden

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waxwing feeding on apple

Waxwings are one of the prettiest winter visitors flying in to the UK each year from Russia and Scandinavia.  They come here to feed on fruit and berries when supplies back home are low.  It's often thought that the arrival of thousands of Waxwings is an indication of a severe winter, but this isn't always true.

A big influx of Waxwings from the north, known as a 'Waxwing winter', may just be an indication that the population has grown too big for the food available there.

Being fruit eaters they head straight for trees and hedges with plenty of berries.  Amongst their favourites are hawthorn, mountain ash, guelder rose, rose hips and cotoneaster.  Growing a few of these in your garden, either as shrubs, trees or hedges will go a long way to attracting Waxwings.

Another way of luring these beautiful birds to your garden is by sticking windfall apples onto the spiky branches of trees in the garden as in the photo above.  Cut them in half to make the apples go further, and it'll also make it easier for the birds to get at the soft fruit inside.  Definitely worth a go.  Even if you don't see any Waxwings you're sure to make your local thrushes and blackbirds very happy.

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