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beetle Western Conifer Seed Bugs

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Scientific name:  Leptoglossus occidentalis

Size:  Approx 20mm long

Distribution:  Found throughout the UK

Months seen:  April to October

Life Span:  Approximately 12 months

Habitat:  Hedgerows, woodland edges, parks and gardens

Food:  Seeds of conifers and pines

Special features: Western Conifer Seed Bugs (Leptoglossus occidentalis) are native to the USA, but were accidentally introduced into the UK in 1999.

On each side of the body (about halfway down the back) there is a white diamond shaped marking - just next to the wing membrane.  The edges of the wings have alternating white and brown markings.  On the hind legs there is a paddle, or leaf shaped swelling on the tibia.  This is where they get their other name of 'leaf-footed bugs'.

Western Conifer Seed Bugs are attracted to light, and sometimes come into houses in the autumn to hibernate.  They make a buzzing noise as they fly.  When disturbed they can give off an unpleasant smell, and can also use their proboscis as a spike.


2010 - Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire - David Hopcroft
2010 - Richmond, North Yorkshire - Dave Hopwood
2010 - Sholden, Kent - Colin Worman
2011 - Wakefield, Yorkshire - Dan Hannard
2011 - Northampton - Michaela
2014 - Carlton, Nottingham - Eddie Powe
2014 - Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire - Ken Ansell
2014 - Kennington, London SE11 - Zehra Bender (photo)
2016 - Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire - Darcy Bishop (photo)
2016 - Immingham, N.E. Lincolnshire - Cherisse Pymm (photo)
2017 - Chelmsford, Essex - James West
2017 - Wallington, Surrey - Robert Barnatt (photo)

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