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Tree  Wild Service Tree

Wild Service Tree - Photo  Copyright 2008 Geoff Ringham

Latin name: Sorbus Torminalis

Size: Grow to a height of approx 23m.

Found mainly in England and Wales

Flowering months:
May to June.

Habitat: Prefers dry, slightly acid soils.

Special features: Wild service trees are native to the U.K., and a good indicator of a site of ancient woodland. The crimson-brown berries which appear in the autumn were formerly used as a remedy for stomach ailments. Before the introduction of the hop, they were also used to make alcoholic drinks  - which may have led to the popularity of 'The Chequers' as a pub name.

Click for more infoThe shiny green leaves leaves are deeply toothed with unequal lobes. They are approx 12cm long. The white flowers appear in late spring

Click for more infoOn younger trees the bark is smooth and grey, but as it ages, it becomes flaky and brown, giving it a chequerboard appearance. This is possibly the origin of its other common name 'chequers'.

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