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woodlouse Southern Pill Woodlouse

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Scientific name:  Armadillidium depressum

Size:  Up to 20mm long

Distribution:  Found mainly in southern England and Wales

Months seen:  All year round

Life span:  Up to 3 years

Habitat:  Damp, shaded places such as under stones and logs

Food:  Dead plant matter

Special features:  The Southern Pill Woodlouse is usually grey in colour - sometimes with yellow patches.  When disturbed it can roll into a ball with a slight gap where the tail doesn't quite meet the head.  The tail end splays out slightly.

If you turn the creature over you'll notice it has two pairs of lungs, which appear as white patches near the tail end.

The eyes are composed of a group of shiny black bumps (called 'ocelli').  The end of the antennae (the Flagellum) is in two segments.

Something you'll notice if you keep woodlice in a container for a few hours is that they produce rectangular and square shaped droppings!

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