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Hare Restorers
20th February 2009

Up until just a few years ago, there weren't enough Brown Hares left in the UK to do a comb-over.  Now, figures released by WildCare, the farm wildlife habitat scheme, show that Brown Hare numbers have increased by 35 per cent on participating farms.

The data, collated from two independent audits of each farm per year, involves detailed field measurements and recordings of sightings.  WildCare assessors recorded sightings of 225 Brown Hares across the Waitrose Select Farms, compared with 167 during the first round.

All the farmers maintain wide field margins in arable fields, where the grass is allowed to grow long and provide shelter for resting adults and for young.  Delaying grass cutting is important as, although adult hares will run, leverets are at most danger at this time.  The natural regeneration of wild plants in spring and early summer provides an ideal habitat and food sources.

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