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Posted: 27th March 2008

Single, Slightly Accident-prone, Non-smoking, Vegetarian, Seeks Quiet Woodland Home to settle down with Like-minded individuals

It's not something Safewings at Northamptonshire had planned for.  Unfortunately once you get a reputation as being skilled in the repair and care of injured wild birds all sorts of creatures start to arrive at your house.  Word soon spreads, and before you know it there's a deer on your doorstep!

This Muntjac deer managed to get trapped in the railings outside a nearby school last week.  Fortunately the local fire brigade came to its rescue, and managed to free it without too much trouble.  The deer was unharmed, and after being freed from the bars, just ran off.  Later it got into further problems and was found injured in a garden in the town centre.

It's now recovering at Safewings, but its future still hangs in the balance.  The Muntjac deer is one of the species on schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act.  Sadly it can't be re-released back into the wild, so Safewings are now searching for an area of private land where it can legally be released - preferably with other Muntjac deer.

If you own, or know of a suitable area, please get in touch with Andy Meads on: 01536 726113


Suitable home found

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