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Photo of the Month
March 2002

Field Cricket - Photo © Copyright 2002 Sue North
Field Cricket by Sue North

This photo of a Field Cricket was uploaded by Sue North. Here's how she took the shot...

"I use a Nikon F100, or a Nikon F90. I use a twin flash set up to eliminate shadow.  Its a bit complicated to use, and I have taken many test rolls of film to get to this point where I can now reasonably confidently expect to get some consistent results."

"For insect work I use a Nikkor 105mm micro lens with a 4x close up magnifying filter screwed on to the front. I rarely use a tripod, because I like to be mobile and agile. The twin flash set up is mounted on extending arms that bolt to the bottom of the camera, in the tripod location hole. On the end of these arms are mounted flash heads, which can be set at side angles to the subject. Both flash heads would be in front of the lens, eliminating the possibility of the lens creating a shadow. The system provides, effectively, balanced side lighting. Both flash heads are diffused by sticking kitchen paper towel or a purpose built diffuser over them."

"In terms of exposure, because the micro set up has such a shallow depth of field, it is important to select the smallest aperture available (e.g f32 or f22) to gain the maximum depth of field. Anything larger is likely to have feet or antenae which are out of focus. The twin flash set up allows me to use f32 most of the time."

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