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Photo of the Month
June 2002

Fox Cub - Photo  Copyright 2002 Christine Lindsay
Fox Cub by Christine Lindsay

This photo was sent in by Christine Lindsay who does voluntary work for London Wildcare, a busy wildlife hospital. This is how she got the shot...

"I used a Sony Digital camera DSC F505 which takes 3.2 megapixel pics. The story on the fox cub is that the vixen was disturbed while giving birth and literally 'dropped' the cub in its birth sac.

It was reported to us and, as the vixen appeared not to notice and did not return, we rescued it, took it back to the hospital and kept it in an incubator.

It was bottle fed and taken home each night by one of our clinical staff, Rosanne. It did very well and was named 'Mowgli'. The 2002 theme for fox cub names was cartoon characters.

We try to match up lone cubs with others of similar age and move them from inside cages to outdoor pens as they grow. Eventually we find suitable release sites for them and put them back into the Wild.

While we bottle feed them when they are young, clean and rub them like their mothers would, we make sure that by the time they are about 4 weeks old they are given less human contact and get to learn about life with other cubs. This is the only way we can ensure that they will be able to make the transition.

We have one fox who has become 'humanised' - she was like this when she came to us. Now she 'adopts' the young fox cubs and plays with them and lets them snuggle up to her. She loves this new experience in her life and it is very good for the fox cubs."

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