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Photo of the Month
November 2002

Kingfisher - Photo  Copyright 2002 - Tom Finlay
Kingfisher by Tom Finlay

This photo of a kingfisher was sent in by Tom Finlay. Here's Tom's description of how he got the shot...

"I built an Infra-red trigger which the bird flew through to fire the camera. I used a 6cm x 6cm Bronica camera because I could lock the mirror up to cut down on time delay from the triggering to firing of the shutter. This also allowed me the privilege of being able to use the Polaroid back to set up the framing of the subject. Three Metz portable hammer head flashes was used in winder mode, that gave a short flash burst of 1\14,000th of a second. All were only a meter away from the bird along with the camera - two at the side of the camera and one lighting up the back ground.

It took a week to put the whole package in place, using dummy blocks of wood for the flashes and a box filled with foam for the camera, which helped reduce the noise. Then sit back and wait for the bird to return. Oh! by the way you must have a schedule 1 licence to take Kingfisher photos near the nest."

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