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Photo of the Month
March 2003

White Red Deer - Photo  Copyright 2003 John Kelly
White Red Deer by John Kelly

This photo of a white Red deer was sent in by John Kelly who photographed it on the banks of Loch Lomond. Here's how he got the shot...

"It may not be immediately obvious but this is a Red deer buck. He is all white except for a small patch of red fur around his antlers. He is definitely wild as he has not tagged and is running completely free. That said he was remarkably tolerant of me. The pictures were taken with a Fuji S2 Pro digital SLR with a 50-500mm Sigma zoom. This can give the equivalent of about a 12 X zoom but I was actually using it at a much lower magnification. I managed to stay with him for about 40 minutes while he wandered and fed. At one point I managed to get within about 7m of him. Eventually he decided to head off at speed and I lost him when he crossed a road and set off up a hill."

"I took about 100 pictures, half of which are out of focus or motion blurred, a further 25 percent have him partially obscured. The rest are quite acceptable. To be honest when I set off on this photo expedition I expected to be mainly taking scenic shots. When I first spotted the buck my camera was still in my backpack with a 24-70mm zoom lens fitted. I was sure he would be off before I could get my camera out, so I am happy to have any good shots."

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