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Rare Bird Sightings
March 2006
by Steve Botham

Sora - Photo  Copyright 2006 Dan Eades
Photo: Dean Eades

UK Safari Tip:
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This Sora, a type of rail, was spotted at Gibralter Point in Lincolnshire by Dean Eades. This is the first record of this bird in the county, and it's a first for the east side of Britain. Another Sora was spotted in Nottinghamshire back in Dec 2004 but this is an extremely rare visitor to the UK. The text books say this bird is a weak flyer, which begs the question how did it manage to fly around 3,500 miles from North America?

Barn Owl - Photo  Copyright 2006 Dean Eades
Photo: Dean Eades

Dean Eades spotted this Barn Owl at Wragby in Lincolnshire on the 11th March. Barn Owls are distributed throughout most of the UK, but their numbers are low. The RSPB estimates there are less than 4,500 breeding pairs, and so this bird is amber listed.

Finally we had a report on the 2nd March of a 'Nutcracker' from a garden in Gerrard's Cross, Buckinghamshire. The bird was spotted by Pat Rand who saw it glide onto a roofed bird table, take food, then slowly fly off into a nearby tree. Its white underwing coverts were very noticable as it flew off. Sadly there's no photo, but Nutcrackers are members of the crow family, about 55cms in length, with black and white plumage. According to the BTO only around 8 sightings are recorded each year.

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