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We feel very strongly that fireworks cause so much unnecessary death and trauma to pets, livestock and wildlife. For this reason we are asking for your help...

We are calling for ALL animal welfare groups to back the control of fireworks. Ban them from public purchase and support only limited organised Events.

It istime that the Government listened to the people. Overwhelming support for the licensing of fireworks. Overwhelming support for there to be ONLY licensed displays. All three emergency services agree that licensed organised events are safer.

The majority of animal welfare organisations, stables, kennels, catteries, aviculturists, farmers and many residents want to see a ban on fireworks and displays only to be run under a license.

Fireworks are nothing less than explosives and their use and misuse is on the increase. Animal lovers cannot sedate and keep their pets in indefinitely over many months.

We raised this issue about animals and fireworks in the consultation for the Governments New Animal Welfare Bill, which is supposed to give a better quality of life to all pets. Animal Welfare Minister Elliott Morley Wrote to me stating that "Firework misuse and air gun attacks are NOT animal welfare issues. It's a matter to be taken up with the DTI".

On speaking to a number of animal rescue centres the feeling is that any groups involved in animal welfare, from veterinary practices to charity organisations, should be contacted and asked for their endorsement on putting forward the message to the Government that the sale of fireworks must cease and only licensed events be allowed to continue a small number of times a year. To have any impact, this needs media support.

If you can help - please get in touch.

Andy Meads.

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