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Baby Blue Tits

Orphaned Blue Tit Chicks
Orphaned Blue Tit Chicks

I suppose some would call it Nature for cat attacks on birds but this year has already been horrendous for cat injured birds. In May 2004 alone we were brought 97 birds that have either been injured directly by cats or left orphaned by cats.

One such incident was a nest of blue tits that had lost their parents. In circumstances as bad as these it is always worth trying to feed the young, there is really nothing to lose. 

The four young came inside a margarine tub wrapped in tissue, very hungry and cold. We found room in one of the ICU units and initially force fed some formula to help feed and hydrate these little birds.

The first twenty four hours were the most crucial, when they needed to feed up and regain their normal body temperature. On the second round of feeding the birds became very willing to accept human intervention and as the week progressed we were confident that these little fighters would fledge and be able to be released.

There is always a chance of a very young bird becoming imprinted but as these are fully aware that they are birds there should be no problem.

We are still amazed at the lengths people will go to to help wildlife.

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