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The Cygnet

The Cygnet Reunited with its Family

In June 2005 we were called to another fishing line incident on Corby Boating Lake. This time it was an unfortunate cygnet that had swallowed fishing line causing it distress and making it unable to eat. With the help of Roy from ‘Animals in Need’ we were able to capture the cygnet and inspect the injury.

The line had been swallowed very deeply and the cygnet was rushed to the Avenue Veterinary Hospital in St Peters` Avenue Kettering for immediate treatment. 

After x-rays the bird was anaesthetised and the obstructing line removed. Fortunately the bird was treated in time and was later taken back to Corby Boating Lake and reunited with its parents and siblings. The issue regarding fishing line has been brought to the attention of Corby Council who after 12 months have not replied or even aknowledged our letters of concern. Not only do incidents like these strain all resources regarding time and veterinary costs it causes severe trauma to the victims of discarded fishing line.

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