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Squeaky the Pigeon

Squeaky the pigeon meets another Safewings resident
Squeaky meets another Safewings resident

In June this year we received an urgent e-mail from a lady named Helen in Middlesborough. Helen was working with the P.D.S.A., and had been caring for a very young feral pigeon, named Squeaky, for about two weeks. Sadly, due to holiday and college commitments, she needed to find somewhere that would take in and care for little Squeaky.

We were both a little surprised, when after talking, we found out we were many miles apart. But Helen was so determined to find Squeaky a good home until he could be released and distance was no object, so after three and a half hours on the train Helen and Squeaky arrived.

Over the next few days Squeaky was introduced to some of the other resident pigeons at Safewings. He has since found his niche and enjoys the company. Helen even e-mailed us while on holiday in New York just to see how he was doing.

It's stories like this one which make our work complete, endorsed by the fact that people really do care. Even after 40 years of rescuing injured animals people still amaze us by their love of wildlife.

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