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Cuckoo Rays

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photo of a cuckoo ray

Quick Facts

Scientific name:  Leucoraja naevus

Size:  Up to 75cm in length and up to 2.5kg in weight

Distribution:  Found all round the coast of the U.K.

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Prefers muddy and sandy coastline

Food:  Worms, shrimps and fish

Special features:  Cuckoo Rays are a type of flat fish belonging to the skate family.  The underside is creamy-white in colour and the upper surface is greyish-brown.  There are rows of sharp, boney spines down the centre of the back from the head to the end of the tail.  The main identifying feature is a large black circle on each pectoral fin which has yellow coloured marbling through it.

Cuckoo Rays are also known as Cuckoo Skate or Butterfly Skate.

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