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Eyed Hawk-moths

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Eyed Hawk-moth

Quick Facts

Scientific name:  Smerinthus ocellata

Size:  Wingspan up to 95mm

Distribution:  Found mainly in the southern half of the UK

Months seen:  May to September

Habitat:  Mainly found in rough grassland and woodlands

Food:  The adult moths do not feed.  The caterpillars feed on various trees including willow, aspen and apple

Special features:  The camouflaged olive and green forewings of the Eyed Hawk-moth hide a startling pair of blue eyes on the hind wings.  If the moth feels threatened it flashes these eyes to frighten whatever is disturbing it.  To add to the effect, the Eyed Hawk-moth moves its body up and down.

The bright green caterpillars can be found between June and September.

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