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Bird Green Woodpecker

Green Woodpecker - Photo  Copyright 2006 Kevin Allison Photo: Kevin Allison

UK Safari Tip:
Get help identifying birds with the superbly illustrated "Top 50 Garden Birds" identification chart - click here

Latin name: Picus viridis

Size: The Green Woodpecker is the largest species of woodpecker in the UK, growing to around 32cms.

Distribution: Found in England, Wales and parts of Scotland.

Months seen: All year round.

Habitat: Woodlands, commons, parks and gardens.

Food: Insects, especially ants.

Special features: The green woodpecker has an incredibly long tongue, which is around four times longer than its beak. This allows it to lick up insects hidden behind the bark of trees.

It has beautiful green plumage on its back and wings, and a bright yellow rump. The head features a bright red crown, and there are black patches around the eyes.

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Photo of a green woodpecker chick
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