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Spider  Grass Spiders

Tibellus oblongus - Photo  Copyright 2004 Malcolm Greaves Photo: Malcolm Greaves

UK Safari Tip:
To help you identify house and garden spiders there's a superbly illustrated fold out chart in the Nature Shop - click here

Latin name: Tibellus oblongus

Size: Approximately 10mms long

Distribution: Found throughout the U.K.

Months seen: Mostly from July to October

Food: Small insects and flies

Habitat: Often found on coastal dunes among grasses, but also inland in damp fields and meadows

Special features: Gets its name from it's preferred habitat among tall grasses. The Latin name 'oblongus' is derived from the elongated body shape.

The shape and colouring help to disguise it when hiding in long dry grass. Grass spiders assume a stretched out posture when resting.

The males look similar to the females although their bodies are slimmer.

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