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Quick Facts

Scientific name:  Saxicola torquata

Size:  Approx 12cm

Distribution:  Can be found throughout the UK, but more frequently seen in the western counties

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Heathland, parks, coniferous woods and coastal sites.  Stonechats like scrubby areas especially favouring gorse and bramble

Food:  Invertebrates, berries and seeds

Special features:  Male Stonechats have a black head, orange breast, dark brown back, very dark brown tail, a white collar and white patches on the wings and rump.  Female Sonechats are similar but they lack the black head and are have paler brown markings on their backs.

The Stonechat name comes from the "chak chak chak" call these birds make which sounds similar to two pebbles being knocked together.

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