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White Admiral Butterflies

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White Admiral Butterfly

White Admiral Butterfly

Quick Facts

Scientific name:  Limenitis camilla formerly Ladoga camilla

Size:  Wingspan approx 60mm

Distribution:  Found in the southern half of England

Months seen:  June to September

Habitat:  Woodland with plenty of rough undergrowth

Food:  Nectar, frequently bramble.  The caterpillars feed on honeysuckle

Special features:  White Admiral butterflies can be seen flying gracefully through sunlit woodland.  When they first emerge the butterflies are a rich velvety black colour, but after a while they become more of a dusty grey colour.  Nectar from bramble flowers are a favourite food.

The eggs are laid on honeysuckle leaves.  The caterpillars of the White Admiral are green with pairs of reddish-brown branched spines.  They hibernate from autumn through to the following summer, when they pupate.  After approximately two weeks the adult butterfly emerges.

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