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bird Rooks

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Scientific name:  Corvus frugilegus

Size:  Around 45cm.  Wingspan 80cm to 98cm

Distribution:  Found throughout the UK.

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Farmland, grassland and parks. Usually seen in large flocks (often with jackdaws)

Food:  Omnivorous - worms, insects, seeds etc.

Special features:  Rooks have all black plumage, similar to the carrion crow but the adults have off white coloured cheeks, a grey beak and shaggier plumage (especially around the legs).  The plumage has a purple sheen.  The juvenile rooks lack the white cheeks for the first year, which makes them look similar to Carrion Crows, but with feathered legs and a purple sheen to the plumage.

Rooks tend to partner for life and mating can occur from late January through to March.

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